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Opichi Solar LLC is a dedicated solar company that understands how to outfit your property with the best solar technology available. Our goal is to help you receive your installation, while spending as little as possible and saving on energy costs for years to come.

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Our Services

Residential Solutions

Add a home solar system today for as little as $0 cash down. We help you discover the most affordable plan while taking advantage of tax incentives in your area.

Commercial Solutions

Make your business a leader in your community by switching to a large-scale solar panel system for your commercial property. Tax incentives available for larger properties.

Financing Options

Because of solar's environmental importance, our goal is to help you receive your installation at an affordable cost. We'll find the payment plan that works for your needs.

Claim a 30% Tax Credit When You Install in 2022/23!

To promote clean energy practices for a healthier planet, the U.S. federal government is offering a 30% tax credit to property owners that install solar systems before the end of 2023. This credit will decrease significantly in 2024 before expiring entirely the following year.
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Benefits of Going Solar

Save Money

Cut down significantly on energy costs by utilizing natural, renewable energy regardless of the season.

Tax Credit

Claim the maximum federal tax credit available (30%) by installing your solar panels within the current year.

Improved Resale Value

Thanks to your solar investment, your energy savings will translate into an increased resale value on your property.


Less reliance on traditional energy methods like gas will help improve the environment. We all need to do our part!

Get Paid for Solar

Many power companies pay solar clients for any excess energy collected via solar technology. Passively earn money thanks to your investment.

Solar Can Pay for Itself

Thanks to tax credits, energy savings, improved property value, or reselling excess energy, your solar panels can pay for themselves over time.

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Customer Quotes

“This team is extremely helpful and did their due diligence to make sure my home was a good fit for solar. I ended up paying $0 down and got an extremely low interest rate.”

Dana Rosen

“I didn't really understand how solar was sustainable all-year-round, but the technicians here go through the lengths to help you make an informed decision. I feel great about my purchase.”

John Taylor

“An excellent experience working with this company. They performed a detail analysis of my home and walked me through everything before ever bringing up the actual purchase.”

Jane Smith

“I was hesitant to switch to solar, but, overall, it's been a great experience. Life effectively goes on as normally as it would if I were still using electricity. Make the switch now!”

Rina Brick